What closing costs should I expect to pay?  

There are many out-of-pocket expenses inherent to all real estate sales and purchases. As a general rule, cash sales not involving loan financing are generally the least costly; loan financing through an in-house bank loan have middle-of-the-road overall costs; long-term mortgage loans have higher associated costs.  All purchases share similar costs, such as insurance, taxes, settlement fees, title insurance, survey, etc.

There are certain costs the seller of the property normally pays, such as:

-  Sales commission
-  Loan & lien payoff(s)
-  Property taxes pro-rated to closing date
-  Termite inspection fee (& treatment, if necessary)
-  Some financing costs in the case of VA loan to buyer
-  Some recording fees
-  City of New Orleans document transfer tax

There are certain costs the buyer of the property normally pays, such as:

-  All costs of financing (origination fee, points, credit report, misc. fees, pre-paid interest, loan guaranty fees)
-   Insurance (homeowners & flood)
-  Tax & insurance escrow
-  Owner’s Title Insurance
-  Some recording fees

There are certain costs that can be paid by either seller or buyer (and hence must be negotiated), such as:

-  Appraisal
-  Attorney’s and Settlement Agent’s  closing fees. 
-  Lender Title Insurance
-  Homebuyer’s warranty